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Perspective is a funny thing. Sometimes its application to life is oppressed in excess of the measure (the shit we all die), but often the prospect ends with positive observations. The point is, college experience. I understand that you’re busy with a class-in-the-class technique, having a supervised experiment of how many days you can survive on crisps and Coke alone, and find new rules to break into the dormitories. But at the time of madness in the life of college, something really great happens. From the point of view of the macro, the academic and social atmosphere in which you live has a positive effect on what you think, and it builds skills that are very useful …

The awareness of this process makes it possible to use its influence in everyday life. Imagine the fat, ugly caterpillars that metamorphose into a fantastic butterfly. However, if he had not been aware of the new and very functional wings, would he ever take it up and suck like a bird? Just as you know about your new skills and their effective use in life after college, you will be separated from your colleagues …

Apparently, for four years, when you’re studying.Being surrounded by people in the dormitories, working on group projects, and tying your power, you build a social savant. This is almost unconsciously, where in real time feedback from different people makes it possible to understand what works and what is not. This is a classic example of how efficient trial and error. How do you start talking to that nice girl or the guy at the party? How do I resolve a conflict with a neighbor? Your first attempt at the former may be a neck-mane and the last fist in the face. But …

It’s not easy to juggle everything at once. You already know the long list of suction time (or soon you will know if you’re new), so I won’t bother you. But with so much experience as with social skills, you build an understanding of what works for you and what is not, but how to get the most out of your time. You can start using tools to schedule time, track time and tasks, and focus. Perhaps even more important is the habit of finding useful resources and actually using them. There are parallels with office hours, scholarships and secret parking spaces in real life. Maximizing the limited time you have is the fundamental difference between your pre-college and postgraduate level.

To know about the subject is not the goal you have reached at some point. It is the ability to receive and rely on information. Here’s an example. Especially in major research institutions, it is very clear that professors are not world experts because they know everything about their field. Rather, precisely because they are on the front edge of the.

It’s just a couple of things to keep in view when you get your career in college. Any thoughts or ideas about your college experience? The comment is either below or in.

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