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Last updated May 9, 2016

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There was a concert at the college site.

I’ve been stressing this for a long time. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time because he convinced me-and for good reason …

The college was very small at the time, and most of the major players moved on when they were out. Cal Newport’s switched from the student life to his career. The guys who started HackCollege went completely into new projects. I thought the next …

A lot of ideas for new projects are permeation. I always liked shaky metaphors and combinations of weird things, so I looked at the launch of a blog that I learned from the video games-sorta like I did with.

But both these ideas were born mainly out of fear-fear, which I am too old to continue writing for students. Fortunately, my stubbornness was won because of fear, I decided not to start these projects; instead, I will see if I can force the CIG to continue to work even after …

Looking back, I’m so glad I did. At the end of the day, I realized that Sean was kind of right.

But I also realized that I can still be valuable, even without that perspective. In fact, I can even be.

Besides, I get it.

  • Set up and achieve intellectual objectives.
  • Training is more efficient.
  • It becomes more productive.
  • We have a better relationship.None of these things are exclusive to life in college. They’re important to us before we go to college, and they remain relevant after we’re finished, until we allow ourselves to become cynical and complacent.
  • And I realized I could keep creating things for the students, although I’m not alone. How I continue to do this every day for the last three years since the end (yep, three!), and when I continue to press myself to continue to learn and grow, I also realized something really cool:

    The Info Geek College doesn’t like it.

    This meant that every subject under the umbrella of “college” is a very fair game (councils for study, dormitories, scholarships, internships, etc.) … But I could also cover anything that could help the student to be successful. This includes many different topics, as I mentioned above-productivity, attitude, happiness ..

    This broad thematic breadth allowed me to explore some ideas in which I have a great one.

    So, today we jump into another topic where I have a great personal interest, which is probably not suitable for the “podcast of college”:

    Fromm was a German psychologist and psychoanalyst who wrote more than 30 books, although

    Short work (about 120 pages), the book is divided into three separate pieces. Fromm begins with the Theory of Love, where he sets what he thinks is the most fundamental truth about human existence-that, as sentimental beings, aware of our own mortality, we are “separated” from the rest of nature … and that we are desperate.

    We do this by connecting to other people several different ways-child-parent ties, common “orgastic” experiences (secs/drugs), rigid social structures, where everyone fits into general conventions, religion and erotic love ..

    He further explains the various types of love-a parent, a brother (which he extends and includes love).

    In the second section of the book, Fromm argues that Western society, through capitalism, is set to beat people out of love properly. He insists that the capitalist society comodizzizes all-the work of people is maximized to bargain for dollars, consumerism and materialism put on the pedestal, and relations are formed on the surface, as people determine the desirability of a combination of appearance, status and financial wealth ..

    Personally, I agree somewhat with his conclusions, although they do not lead me to a hopeless conclusion about life in our present society. Rather, they simply reaffirmed the importance of keeping in mind my way; to give careful consideration to the issue.

    The last section of the book is the shortest section, and it goes above.

    First, Fromm sets the characteristics that a man must cultivate to become a master.

    It then focuses on the art of love in particular, noting that his mastery also needs to be overcome.

    In general, I found out that this book was just about.

    You want a cooler thing? You can find the most different tools in mine.

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